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Rice dryer market will also be a new trend

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Most of China likes to eat rice, and rice is also a large proportion of China's grain cultivation. With the renewal of agricultural equipment, rice cultivation of multiple links are realized mechanization. Affected by the rainy wet environment, the future rice dryer will also play an important role in rice harvest, rice dryer market will also be a new trend.
Rice drying is an important part of grain harvest. Because the harvest in order to reduce the loss of field and must pay attention to timely harvest, and timely harvest of the grain its water content is greater, if not dry will cause the grain rotten deterioration. Visible rice drying is a problem that can not be ignored.
In view of the status of China's grain drying equipment, combined with the needs of the vast rural market, the development of domestic cereal drying equipment will show the following trends:
(1) rice dryer production capacity should be large-scale development, the future need to develop the processing capacity of 20-30 tons per hour equipment.
(2) the design of high-water grain once down to safety standards of equipment, requiring a decline of more than 10%. To this end, there are two ways: First, the use of joint drying method, that is, more than two drying methods of drying unit into a new drying process, such as the use of high temperature fast fluidization dryer wet food preheating, And then use a drum dryer to dry at a lower temperature. From the current world of rice drying technology development point of view, this is a trend. Second, the design of high-performance rice flash dryer.
(3) the application of advanced measurement and control technology to achieve the drying process to the direction of automation or semi-automatic development.
(4) can quickly deal with high-volume high-moisture rice.
(5) study to coal as energy, indirect efficient energy-saving rice dryer is still the main direction, but also should explore new energy rice dryer, such as microwave energy, solar energy and so on.
(6) rural rice dryer should be small, multi-functional direction, requiring easy to move, simple operation, less investment and can guarantee the dry quality of rice.

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